Monday, April 18, 2011

End of 90 Days to Better Fitness.

Hey Bloggers, Readers and Everyone in between :D

 What is up? This is post is long and overdue. I have been a little busy and I am dealing with a lot of stress right now. So I have been buried away from blogging and I have posted comments on a few of your pages because I have read some post but for the most part I have not been been thinking about losing weight. I apologize and I do expect to be more active. I would like to welcome my new followers. I am happy you found something interesting on here that made you want to read it. So Welcome and Thank YOU! 

For those of you who are new or didn't know, I did a 90day fitness challenge. Honestly I don't remember what my goals were, I know I didn't have a certain number that I wanted to be at. But for the most part I wanted to not have any knee pains and I am pretty sure I wanted to be under 200lbs. (Everything that comes after this is what I wrote on the day of the end of the challenge which was April 11th)

Beginning Stats:

Weight 205lbs

Bust: 43"
R. Arm: 14"
L. Arm: 14"
Waist: 38"
Hips: 41.5"
L. Thigh: 25.5"
R. Thigh: 25"

Current Stats: 

Weight 188lbs (I am still at 188lbs I have managed to maintain this for three weeks with no exercise. My lowest this month however was 185.something)

Bust: 44" (Blaming this on the bc pills)
Right Arm: 13 inches
Left Arm: 13 inches
Waist; 35.5 inches
Hips: 39 inches (sucks:( I have no booty as it is)
L. Thigh: 24 inches
R. Thigh 24.5inches

If my math is correct I lost a total of 10inches and I maintained a loss of 17lbs.

When I started this challenge, my focus was primarily on getting fit. It had very little to do with weight loss. I wanted to be able to exercise without having any pain in my  knees, I wanted to gain more stamina and I just wanted to be overall more healthy. I think  that the first month was my best month. I exercised everyday for hours at a time and I felt great. But as time went on I had to push myself to even do the bear minimum. In the last 11 days I have only exercised maybe 3 days which I am quite disappointed with because I had plans to go hard for my last 11 days. 

Was the challenge successful?

  • Definitely, I have accomplished my main goal which was to get rid of the pain in my right knee.
  • I was able to maintain a loss of 17lbs 
  • I have not been over 200lbs since I went under it. That was about a month an a half ago. (Please don't quote me exactly though I have issues with keeping up with time. )
  • I can do push ups now, before I couldn't do one now I can do about 5 or 6? 
  • I can fit into most of my old jeans. I have had to retire jeans because they are too big. Ladies as word of advice if your jeans are getting really baggy and you have jeans that are better fitting or slightly tight but still able to be worn, STOP WEARING THE BAGGY JEANS! If you wear jeans that are too baggy and you start to regain weight you are less likely to do something about it quickly because your jeans "still fit well". If you wear jeans that are fitted or slightly tight and you start to gain weight you know sooner that you have to do something about it soon else you would have to walk around bare booty. The jeans I wear currently are so tight I can hardly raise my But hey in a few weeks they will be too big and I will be switching to smaller pants! 

Would I do it again?

This is kind of a weird question. I do plan to stay healthy and active and workout everyday, however as far as challenges go I think I would just stick to 30days. That way I can get it done as soon as possible and if I have to I can reevaluate my goals (which I know I can do regardless) but the novelty of the challenge wears out for me pretty quickly. I can keep it fresh is I challenge myself in smaller increments. 

Do I have any regrets:

Of course. But they were all learning experiences. I feel like I now how an idea of what works for me right now. 

One of the most remarkable thing for me is that I weigh less than 200lbs. It has been about 3 years since I weighed under 200lbs. and maybe 4 years since I weighed under 190lbs. I am so excited about what the future will bring. My confidence in this journey has doubled and I know without a doubt I will not be gaining this weight back because of my eating problems. Now, I can't say if meds will cause me to regain weight but I know for sure I won't let overeating be the cause of it. (Oh Lord I pray I don't eat these words.)  I have come way too far to go back. 

What are my plans moving forward?

  • I am currently working on getting junk foods and overly processed foods out of diet. 
  • I am working on increasing the amount of fibre that I eat.
  • I have 1 jeans that I have to get into I think that will be possible after I lose another 15lbs
  • I see myself weighing 165lbs by 11 June. (Affirmative thinking, I believe that if I truly believe something it will come to pass. I have proved this to be true in various areas of my life. If there is even a tad bit of doubt in my thoughts I believe that holds me back. It may be an irrational fear but it doesn't harm me to think this way)

This is what 17lbs loss look like on me... Ummmmmmmmmmm yea... If you can see a difference please let me know because they could be the same picture if you ask Oh I did take this picture today (April 18th) I have another picture that I took on the 11th but it wasn't in same clothes so that's why I didn't use that one.


                                                             Somewhere Before                   Sometime After

Again Thanks for Reading :D Until Next Time!


  1. You're awesome!! Congrats on going under 200 and staying there!! I know how hard it is! Your goals are coming to pass, I am SO happy for you!! I can see the difference in the pics too!

  2. Great job, Shannie! You did it your way, and I see a big difference in the pics.

  3. You look fantastic! keep it up!

  4. Way to go, amazing work! You can really see a difference in the pics. I swear all you blog friends are posting comparison pics, I think that I am going to have to do the same. Keep it up!

  5. Shannie, you're a legend for doing so great!!!! The before and after picture shows a big difference.